About SurePlan Financial

SurePlan Financial was set up for two main reasons. Firstly, we want to give clients a really personalised service and form long-term relationships with them. As a financial broker company, we have access to many providers and so can offer you choice. We can help you find just the right products to suit your goals and budgets as part of your financial plan.

Like many people who work for a living, we are looking forward to our own financial freedom and retirement in the future. This is another reason Karen Goodliffe set up SurePlan Financial – starting her own business was one of her steps for future financial freedom. Elaine Wilson joined SurePlan Financial in 2021 to also work towards her financial goal of being a business owner.

Financial Plan

We understand the everyday challenges of both being an employee and being a business owner so we know how important good financial planning is, to achieve what you want to in the short and long term. When we design your financial plan, we can show you, using future cashflow modelling, how the financial planning decisions you are making now will help you to achieve your future goals.



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