Financial Checklist if you are planning a career break ~ Smart Money Column: People take a career break for many reasons – returning to education, extended leave after having children, looking after relatives or, if you are lucky enough, to do some travelling! Proper financial preparation is essential and can mean the difference between enjoying your career break or being constantly stressed about … Read more

Six tips to ensure you retire on your own terms ~ Smart Money Column: Have you considered what it really means to retire? The reality is you will continue to go about your life with your daily expenses…. but without your monthly salary or income from your job. If you want to be able to retire on your own terms, then you’ll need to … Read more

Seven ways to reduce your inheritance tax bill and protect your legacy ~ Smart Money Column: Inheritance tax is no longer a rich person’s problem. In this week’s Smart Money column, SurePlan Financial Managing Director, Karen Goodliffe, discusses ways you can reduce inheritance tax and protect your legacy.

Up close and personal with Karen Goodliffe

Irish Broker Magazine ~ Broker Spotlight: In the June 2022 edition of Irish Broker magazine, SurePlan Financial Managing Director, Karen Goodliffe, featured in the Broker Spotlight section. Karen answered questions about her career and life as a Financial Broker. She also shared the ‘best business advice she would give to her younger self’ and revealed … Read more

Seven tips for managing money from a side hustle ~ Smart Money Column: Side hustles are a great way of supplementing your income and in current times where we are experiencing inflation and sharp rises in our day-to-day expenses, an additional income can be very useful. If you are considering starting or have already started a side hustle, either to supplement your income, … Read more

Six financial moves to make when you land a new job ~ Smart Money Column: It’s predicted that as we emerge from the pandemic, many people will look to move jobs. One survey earlier in the year from LinkedIn, found that almost two in three (63%) Irish workers are considering changing jobs this year. In this week’s Smart Money column, SurePlan Financial Managing Director, Karen … Read more

Four ways to inflation proof your finances ~ Smart Money Column: We have benefited from low inflation for several years but recently, we have all been feeling the impact of rising prices on everything from our grocery shopping and fuel to energy bills and many other items, as the cost of living continues to surge. While we are experiencing this rise … Read more

Four ways to spring clean your finances ~ Smart Money Column: With spring only around the corner it can be a time when we give our homes and our wardrobes a clear out. It is also an ideal opportunity to give our finances a spring clean. SurePlan Financial Managing Director, Karen Goodliffe, shares four ways to declutter and organise your finances:

Five clever end of year financial moves to make ~ Smart Money Column: The end of the year is the perfect time to take a good look at your finances and make smart money moves that will not only help you now but will also position you for a much stronger future. In this week’s article, SurePlan Managing Director, Karen Goodliffe, discusses five … Read more



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